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Below are some pictures of our staff and a little about them


Commanding Officer

T.S. Marlborough

Phil Started in the Cadets as an instructor in 1964 at Oxford Unit, and became the Unitís 1st Lt up until 1993 when he opened Abingdon Sea Cadets at the Old Goal as the Commanding Officer




Executive Officer (1st Lt)

Marc joined Abingdon Sea Cadets as an instructor in 1998; Marc currently is the unitís 1st Lt and completed his course at HMS excellent in February 2004. Marc also runs the Communications branch within the unit. Marc is the unit Bandmaster and started the unit Band in December 2002.


Training Officer

Peter joined Abingdon Sea Cadets as the Unit Training Officer in 2003. Peter has been in the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy since 1972. Peter is the Seamanship, Range and one of the units Boating instructors. Peter is also the First Aid Officer as his full time job is with the Oxfordshire Ambulance Service.



Boats Officer

Trevor joined the unit back in 1993 as the 1st Lt and helped to set up the Unit. Trevor is the Boats Officer and Engineering Instructor. Trevor is also the Wardroom Mess President.


Civilian Instructor O Stimpson

Stores Officer

OJ as he likes to be called, has been with the unit for many years as a cadet then a Civilian Instructor. He had some time away but has now rejoined the team and is shortly to train as a Petty Officer. OJ is the Drill Officer and Seamanship and Boating Instructor

Mrs Gina Ritchie

Administration Officer

Gina joined the unit when her son joined the Junior Cadets in 2002 Gina is now our hard working Administration Officer, Cadet Welfare Officer and Events Officer .


Civilian Instructor T ADAMS

Division Officer


Trevor is bringing trained as an instructor under instruction by Unit staff, and is keen to become a fully qualified sea cadet instructor in the near future. He will shortly be qualifying at the Sea Cadets Training School

Civilian Instructor D Cotton

Division Officer


Diane was a cadet at the Unit and has just now qualified as a CI. She has started to work towards becoming the Adventure Training Officer for the unit. Diane is a very keen to complete her Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme.

 Leading Writer T Cotton RN


Tracey is in the Royal Navy as a Leading Writer. Her input helps to maintain the connection between the Royal Navy and the Sea Cadets. Tracey has been with the Unit for many years and she attends whenever she is not at sea


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