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 The De La Billiere Cadet Centre


The new Abingdon Sea Cadet Unit opened in March 1993 at the Old Goal Leisure centre in Abingdon, under the Command of Lt (SCC) Phil Pether RNR. During 1993, the unit moved into temporary headquarters in St Helens church whilst the new cadet centre was being built. In the summer of 1994, the Abingdon Cadets moved into their new home in the De La Billiere Cadet Centre off Crabtree Place. The cadets share this unit with the Army Cadets. The sea cadet’s meet on a Tuesday and Friday evening.


At this time, the unit was TS Abingdon and did not have any affiliation to a RN ship, until the new type 23 frigates HMS Marlborough came into service and Abingdon Sea Cadets became TS Marlborough.


TS Marlborough has strong links with the town of Abingdon and regularly supports the Mayor of Abingdon. This has led to a “ Mayors Cadet” being started by the unit so that at every event attended by the mayor of Abingdon they have a cadet by their side.



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