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Cadets take to the water


Weymouth Boating weekend of 14 – 16 May 2004.


Cadets from the unit joined other cadets from Newbury and Henley units for a glory use weekend at Sea Cadets Training Centre Weymouth. The purpose of this was to introduce the cadets to boating. Cadets from T.S. Marlborough where Leading Cadet Wagner, Cadet Best, Cadet Harvey, Cadet Mills, Cadet Hargreaves and Cadet Wyatt, under the watchful eye of CPO P Young RVM and CI D Cotton.


The weekend start on Friday night at the unit ready of a two and half hour drive down to Weymouth in the unit mini bus. We arrived just after 2100 and the cadets where shown there sleeping arrangements for the weekend. Cadets from the other units arrived just after use and the sailing centre staff carried out a safety brief. Cadets had sometime to them selves with lights out at 2300 (even though some cadets did not sleep until the early hours of the morning). Staff safety brief held that night and divisions made up for cleaning duties for the weekend.

Call the hand was at 0700, which was a shock to some of the cadets The weather was good to use over the weekend with light winds and sunny but if a little bit hot at times. The cadets where divided into teams for Sailing, Pulling and Power boating.

The sailing teams, which were all novices, went out in Laser Pico (two or one person boats). The pulling team was in an ASC and the Power Boat teams were in Cheverton Champ and Fast Rigged Inflatable Motorboats.

We start instruction at 0915 braking for lunch at 1230 unit 1315 then back on to the water unit 1700 where all boat were secured of the night with the cadet returning to the training centre for shower and dinner. Evening classes started at 1900 unit 1945 where the cadets allowed ashore until 2200.

All the cadets and staff slept soundly that night. With breakfast at 0800, we were back on the water by 0900 until 1330. We had a great day with the cadets awarded their qualifications at the end of the day. Well done to the following cadets Best, Mills, Wyatt for completing RYA youth sailing level one. Cadet Harvey for competent crew pulling. Cadet Hargreaves for RYA Power boating level one and Leading Cadet Wagner for his RYA level two displacements.


T.S. Marlborough Senior Cadets show their years.


The backbone of our unit show off there years at the last Commanding Officer Monthly Inspection.

Cadet Petty Officer Hammon, Cadet Petty Officer Preece, Leading Cadet Wagner and Leading Cadet Kerr. These cadets all have long-standing, good service records, with all the younger cadets looking up to them. These Senior Cadets are all looking into entering the Armed Services in the near future.




T.S. Marlborough Band gets a helping hand


TS Marlborough Volunteer Cadet Band has a new string to its bow in the form of the Army School of Ceremonial, Drumming Wing.


Contact firstly made with the RSM WO1 Gannaway- Pitts PO (SCC) Pether arranged for a visit by the team to look over the Corps of Drums.


WO1 Gannaway-Pitts and Lance Corporal “Mo” Brown are now “getting their feet wet” with the Sea Cadets at Abingdon The team from Pirbright will be attending Parade nights every other Tuesday for the foreseeable future to help train Abingdon’s Corps of Drums.


With only a few weeks before the Band Contest, the help of the team from the wing which is much appreciated.


Unit boats come out of winter routine

Looking Good


The unit boats come out of winter routine looking good thanks to the help of the boats officer PO Trevor Booker, and the magic roller of Ord Cadet Preece. The boats have taken on a new look of Shipside grey paint which was donated by Leigh’s Paints from Portsmouth Dockyard. The boats are now on their way down to the river Thames.  We have a tight Programme start after the Royal Navy Inspection at the end of May. The unit is looking to recruit a Canoeing instructor to help we the only tip of boat not covered at this time.


The unit is hoping to hold some summer holiday boating days during the summer school holidays.


Unit main mast takes a new look


With the unit, mast being up since the unit was formed some ten years ago and it starting to show it age and a little bit damages has start to make it dangerous


The unit staff put to work to replace it with a new one Having found the right materiel to made the mast out off and some weeks of hard work welding and painting but at long last it up and look great.


There are still some jobs to complete on the mast, this are planed after Royal Navy Inspection at the end of May.


Award of Pennant for year 2004



The unit warmly welcome Families and friends on Tuesday 10 May 2005 for the units Pennant Award Parade for the award of our Pennant for 2004.

It was with great pleasure that the New Mayor of Abingdon on her first engagement was able to attend this event we also welcome Lieutenant Commander D Login (SCC) RNR who will present the Pennant to the Unit.

This Sea Cadet Unit reformed, some 10 years ago by the present Commanding Officer, Lieutenant P Pether (SCC) RNR. The Unit has always strived to achieve the high standard required for the award of a Pennant but have always missed out in some way or another.

Last year (2004) our performance throughout the year in attending courses and District / Area level competitions in conjunction with our Annual Royal Navy Inspection, has shown that we are a Unit that stands out from other Units in the area. This award recognises the hard work put in by our Cadets, and Staff the confidence they have shown and what they have achieved for the Unit.

All Abingdon Sea Cadets can justifiably feel very proud of themselves.

All of the staff and cadets at Abingdon Sea Cadets (T.S. Marlborough) wish to take this opportunity to thank the Committee for the support that they have given use and the Families for there support over the last year, without which the Unit would not have achieved this award.

The next level of achievement is the Burgee; to achieve this level of award we have to gain three Pennants in consecutive years. We hope that we can continue to rely on your continuing support to reach our goal of becoming a Burgee Unit in future years.



Commanding Officer, Staff and Cadets if T.S. Marlborough



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